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DonkeyMale™ Performance utilizes the finest natural substances known to increase penile blood flow which increases the ability to have a hard erection on demand as well as increase libido for a more intense climax.

Our all natural ingredients have been used for generations to promote healthy sexual performance in men. These substances have been proven to offer positive results with all our customers.


It’s a well-known fact that female porn stars are chosen for their looks and being able to be believable, but top male porn stars are chosen because they are capable of doing 3 things: getting an erection in front of a camera and crew, being able to maintain that erection, and finally being able to ejaculate on cue.
Other products causes headaches and can actually work against the male’s ability to have an orgasm. Adult film stars reply on natural herbal supplements like DonkeyMale™ to long-lasting erections.

DonkeyMale™ Proprietary Blend

DonkeyMale™Performance does its best to select only the natural ingredients that work without the need to “lace” with pharmaceutical products. Our range is extensive, ensuring that you can find a male performance product that will work for you, improving your sexual performance and confidence.


Trusted by thousands of customers DonkeyMale™ extreme male supplements are focused on intensifying pleasure and performance. All natural – safe DonkeyMale will open a whole new world for couples worldwide. Be ready with exhilaration action shortly after taking the award winning patented formula DonkeyMale™.

She’ll brag about you – and you’ll brag about DonkeyMale™ like so many of our customers.

Stop waiting and perform now, you simply won’t find another Extreme Male Supplement allowed on the market.

DonkeyMale™ Real People – Real Results

A buddy at worked had mentioned “Donkey” was his new secret trick with his girlfriend, and she gave him the look of the Gods! – So I had to find this stuff, and when I did – I now know, what he meant about getting the look of a God- funny but true.

Brian B., Valrico Fl.

I was leery on a spontaneous buy (Donkey Male Performance) to improve my love life for a exclusive night with my special girl, but was I every so surprised on how this product really worked! I would recommend this product again!

Shawn F., New Orleans La.

There is so many dangerous products on the market, and I was looking for a safe alternative, to all the expensive and not so safe products. So when i found this product (Donkey), I was relieved to see that it was safe- “Then it worked, just the way I wanted it to!”

Dennis G., St.Louis Mi.

Special Offer of 2 Free Travel Packs with a purchase of 30 count bottle of DonkeyMale.
Should the user at anytime within 30 days of receiving the product not be happy simply return the 30 Count Bottle unopened for a full refund and keep the travel packs as our gift.